The Informatics Programme, the Mechatronics Programme and the Countryside and Landscape Management Programme are short-cycle, practically oriented higher education programmes. They are 120 credit point programmes according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), reaching level 5B in International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED).

Part-time study lasts three years (as opposed to 2-year full-time study) or three cycles. Lectures are held from October to June. They take place in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Exceptionally, they may take place on Saturday morning.

Part-time students who have practical work experience or have completed study obligations in other higher education programmes may be granted exemption from some obligations on the basis of a written application and evidence of employers or other higher education institutions on passed examinations.

The assessment is carried out by written exams, oral exams, partial exams, written seminar work and project work. Exams are held within a month after the lectures finish. Additional exams are held in January, April, June, August and September. The completion of course requirements, practical training requirements, and defence of a diploma thesis lead to an engineering diploma and title.

Tuition fee

Year 1: 1.650,00€ (for all programmes)

Year 2: 1.650,00€ (for all programmes)

Year 3: 800,00€ (for all programmes)

Total:   4.100,00€ (in 10 instalments)

Tuition fees are paid by students themselves or by their employers or other organizations. When enrolling in the 1st year, students undertake to pay tuition fees for the 1st cycle.