The Informatics Programme, the Mechatronics Programme and the Countryside and Landscape Management Programme are short-cycle, practically oriented higher education programmes lasting 2 years. They are 120 credit point programmes according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), reaching level 5B in International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED).

The Informatics Programme offers all the necessary knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies, infrastructure and related services. The Mechatronics Programme with the interdisciplinary study of electronics, mechanical engineering and computer science ensures that knowledge from different technical fields and its practical application are pooled. The Countryside and Landscape Management Programme is focused on livestock farming, wine production, agriculture, tourism and ecology.

Higher Vocational College offers excellent study conditions and modern equipment in school lecture rooms and laboratories, as well as in the registered companies providing on-the-job training. Lectures, practical classes (seminars and laboratory exercises) and on-the-job training are divided in equal parts, so less than one third of classes are held in lecture rooms. The programmes offer updated and useful engineering skills and knowledge. The assessment is carried out by written exams, oral exams, partial exams, written seminar work and project work. The completion of course requirements, practical training requirements, and defence of a diploma thesis lead to an engineering diploma and title.